Our Story
ADNX was created in France on February 17th 2001. Since 2015, we are based in the United States (Phoenix, Arizona).

At the beginning, we were just helping software companies to port software from Windows to Mac OS X that was just unveiled by Apple. We decided to create ADNX after meeting Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer. We knew that object technologies will be the base of the future. When Apple purchased NeXT technologies, and Steve Jobs decided to return to Apple, our project was even more solid than ever.

Between 2001 and 2004, we were mostly helping companies to understand the importance of Mac OS X, helping many teams to port products to the platform. We built one of the first Firewire driver for Mac OS X and an amazing audio product. We built many applications using the first versions of xCode and Interface Builder.

In 2004, we switched to a different business making our own software. We created the brand app4mac and our first products: Projector: the first project management app for Mac OS X and MaxiWeb, the first custom web browser for Mac OS X. We were very proud to have Steve Wozniak, a former Apple founder as one of our first customers. The applications had different names like xTime Project for Projector and wKiosk for Maxiweb. We learned that it was confusing for customers (you always learn something from mistakes).

In 2009, Apple asked to not use the name app4mac anymore, so we returned to ADNX brand. You want to know the origin of this name? Simple: ADNX is DNA in French and X is about Unix. We thought it was a good combination.

We were selected by Apple to be one of the first developers on the Mac App Store but the reality is that the App Store is not always a good thing for developers. Prices of apps went down and competition got stronger. At the same time, the cost to build apps went up so it was more challenging making profits, no matters the quality of the products. We have customers from around the world with big brands using our products like the University of Princeton, Facebook, Gap, Kodak, Sony, Boeing, NASA and many more. To be honest, we mostly focus today to maintain the current products for the amazing customer base, and we are investing in cloud technologies.

It's why we created MacProline as our next venture for Mac users, our core customers base. We encourage you to discover the benefits of the solutions that we built with love and passion. We are also very interested in SwiftUI technology, so we do not close the door for new ambitious versions of our apps or even new products. You will just need some patience as SwiftUI technology is still new but it's an exciting one. Apple rocks.

Thanks for reading!

Your feedback is always welcome: support@adnx.com