Gestion de projets avec diagrammes de Gantt
Version 4.0.3 pour Mac (universel), iPad et iPhone

Optimisé pour les Macs avec
processeurs Intel et Apple M1

Gestion de projets avec diagrammes de Gantt

Vous pouvez enfin créer des diagrammes de Gantt sans vous gratter la tête. Notre produit brille par sa facilité d'utilisation et sa simplicité. Nous concentrons notre attention sur les fonctionnalités que la majorité des chefs de projet utilisent réellement. De plus, les graphiques générés sont à la fois beaux et visuellement attrayants. Une image vaut mille mots.

xPlan est notre best-seller depuis plus de 10 ans

- Créez de superbes diagrammes de Gantt en quelques minutes
- Créez des tâches et des sous-tâches avec plusieurs options
- Configurez les jalons pour enregistrer les principaux tremplins
- Gérez et attribuez rapidement des ressources
- Créez des dépendances intelligentes entre les tâches
- Compatible avec le format XML MS Project
- Partagez rapidement un projet au format PDF
- Affichez et partagez des rapports
- Synchronisez les projets avec le service Apple iCloud
- Interface utilisateur mise à jour
- Prise en charge du mode sombre à 100%
- Entièrement optimisé pour les Mac avec processeurs M1
- Fonctionne toujours sur des Mac avec des processeurs Intel
- Disponible en Français et en Anglais
- Version iPhone GRATUITE

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Gratuit pendant 5 jours
Version 4.0.3 (universel)
Anglais et Français
Nécessite macOS 10.15 Catalina
ou macOS 11 Big Sur
(service pour détecter les applications malveillantes)

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Si vous utilisez une ancienne version de macOS,
vous pouvez toujours essayer et acheter la version 3
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  • “ The perfect combination of ease of use, intuitive and beautiful interface. The program is not overloaded with options and covers the needs of most users. In case of questions, the support team answers very quickly. Thanks for your approach! ”
  • “ For the price you really cant go wrong with this app. It does most of the tasks that you can do in MS Project. It has a learning curve but really you can do a lot with this app. You can even email a version in MS Project XML format which is always great. ”
  • “ This is the best Gantt chart software I have managed to find so far. The best part about it, is that it helps you budget for future projects and keep an eye on progress. The xPlan user documentation etc is very well put together and easy to follow. Overall well done - I love it! ”
  • “ Just a line to tell you that I'm also using the iPad version of xPlan for work purposses lately. Heavily using it. Flawless and smoothly. As a Real Estate commercial and strategy consultant, I do a lot of plannnig and xPlan help me a lot and make my gantts more enjoyable. ”
  • “ The way it puts the tasks on the Gant chart is quite good. The use of color to show how much is completed is clean. I would recommend this product ”
  • “ Perfect for project managers. This was my application of choice when choosing an app for my job, definitely works ”
  • “ This is a tool I found some months ago and that I really fell in love with. The reason for this is not that it has a lot more to offer than the other tools, but that the user interface is extremely intuitive. Moving tasks around or playing with the slide control to adjust timings is a lot more fun than with other tools. A great example for how the look&feel of an application can set it apart from other products. ”
  • “ I've tried a lot of planners and this one strikes the perfect balance of ease of use and functionality. The developer also supports this product very nicely and updates it regularly. It's a bargain considering the functionality. Beautiful interface also. Great project planning tool. ”
  • “ Thank you for your support, it works perfectly. Congratulations for your software, very simple, immediate, efficient and with beautiful layout It’s a great discovery for all our organization, and we now enjoy to realize each new project planning (differently than before….) ”
  • “ xPlan was our first project management program and is still meeting our requirements after 12 months of use for construction projects. We are able to create projects track and modify as the projects progress. The ability to export to CSV has given our business a new way of working. There are a few UI improvements required but overall it is a great solution as a Mac based program for project management. ”
  • “ I just updated to 3.7. Massive improvements have been made on the clunky original. More intuitive. Less screens and complexity. The layout has great clarity and a very striking, elegant appearance. I've tried other planners and this is the best by far. It's very good and clear. I especially like the zoom feature. Perfect for planning small projects. Try it it's well worth the money! ”
  • “ Thanks for the awesome software! I purchased it years ago when it first came out and really love it and continue to use it all the time. I really appreciate that you maintain and improve it so often. ”

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