Navigateur web plein écran
pour bornes internet

Version 6.8.1 pour Mac et iPad

Navigateur web plein écran pour bornes internet

La plus grande force de xStand est sa simplicité et sa fiabilité. Des milliers de clients à travers le monde qui aiment ce produit pour de nombreuses raisons, mais surtout pour sa capacité à donner vie à n'importe quel projet de bornes.

Avec DynamicScreen , vous pouvez également utiliser xStand comme kiosque sécurisé pour afficher du contenu dynamique.

xStand est simplement la meilleure application kiosque pour Mac depuis 2008 !

Caractéristiques principales:

- Configurez une borne Internet sécurisée en quelques minutes
- Interface facile à utiliser avec de nombreuses options personnalisées
- Véritable mode plein écran disponible
- Ne soyez pas attachés. Utilisez n'importe quel site web
- Paramètres protégés par mot de passe
- Contrôle complet des URL: autoriser ou refuser les noms de domaine
- Effacement automatique des cookies et des caches locaux
- Gestion des favoris avec des options d'affichage uniques
- Disponible en Anglais et Français

Pour les entreprises, nous proposons une licence du code source des versions Mac et iPad (options sur notre boutique en ligne).

REMARQUE: La version iPad est désormais la même version, avec une interface utilisateur mise à jour, une fiabilité améliorée, écrit en langage Swift 5.1. Voir les captures d'écran ci-dessous.

- Museum of Making Music
- Apple
- Facebook
- Gap
- Princeton University
- University of California
- New Museum New York
- University of Freiburg
- Colgate
- Honda
- Brooklyn Museum
- Nobel Museum

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Gratuit pendant 5 jours
Version 6.8.1
Anglais et Français
Compatible avec macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 Catalina
et d'anciennes versions (depuis 10.8)
(service pour détecter les applications malveillantes)

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  • “ I am evaluating xStand for visitor centers for the National Park Service and have it installed here in Minnesota. The visitors and the staff give it a good recommendation. In fact, we could use Safari instead of, but prefer yours graphically. ”
  • “ New York State Museum: we purchased xstand for both the iOS and OS X. A mac mini running xstand displays a website. The software has been very stable and easily configurable. Good work. ”
  • “ xStand is the single best kiosk application for the Mac. Enough reason to switch to Mac for us ”
  • “ xStand is stunning. xStand is easy to setup with and use. xStand is one of the most functionally kiosk apps I have ever used ”
  • “ I have learned that xStand not only supersedes its competitors (it annihilates them). It offers unprecedented efficiency, cool features, and common-setup intelligence. You have produced an astonishing slice of bliss, and I hope you are thoroughly proud of yourselves ”
  • “ This is great software. ...for this network admin, there is NOTHING better than xStand ”
  • “ I like the changes made between versions 5 and 6. Instead of the feature creep and bloat that sometimes plague new versions of other programs, xStand has only become better and easier. A solid OS X App and a great example of Cocoa programming. ”
  • “ We recently purchased xStand for use at our college. Our testing was successful, so we will license additional copies soon ”
  • “ My team has searched for a easy internet kiosk solution that provides a robust experience for web browsing. xStand was the answer. ”
  • “ Thank you for making my job easier as a Mac-centric web administrator. I love showing off xStand to clients. After a 10-minute demo, they often go directly to your site and download a copy ”
  • “ We have been using xStand here at Princeton University for a few years now. The product has been buggy for us in the past, but this version seems to have finally squashed all of the problems we reported. Best of all it is now ready for the Intel based macs when we upgrade. The developers are very good about communicating with you to find and resolve any problems reported. If you are looking for a good kiosk solution for your macs, xStand is a great choice! ”
  • “ We've been using xStand since at least version 3. We have 16 public kiosk on campus here at the University of California. adnx has always placed a high importance on customer support and product reliability. I've found my share of bugs with this software, such as the first 2 listed as fixes for v5.0.1, but they are always on top of it and fix them quickly. We didn't use version 4 due to some licensing and product change issues but are back on board with version 5. We don't use all of the features of this product but we are pleased with basic kiosk features that we do use ”


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