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Our Apps are looking for a new home

ADNX started to build apps for Apple platforms in 2004 and since this time, our adventure has been incredible. To be honest, not everything was smooth. We made mistakes with customers like all humans, but we built all products with passion and creativity, love of Apple platforms. It was a fun journey, an amazing experience. We want to express a huge "Thank You" to all customers around the world who supported us by purchasing our solutions.

Recently, we updated the most successful products for iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, followed Apple strict rules of notarization for apps. We also had to discontinue some apps with issues or low sales. We made a strong decision: we are not going to add new features in the current apps. In fact, we are looking for a new home for all our apps. For now, we are done building apps for Apple platforms. We are going to explain why.

Since the arrival of the App Store and the Mac App Store, it's more challenging for developers to build native apps. The number of rules, the complexity of the transition to a new language (Swift), the cost of building software (developers are not cheap as they become more skilled), the complexity to support multiple versions of macOS (we still have a lot of customers using old versions), all these reasons are at the core of our decision. Also, because of the trend of cheap Apps, it's more difficult than ever to make profits and invest for long term. Developer needs stronger financial capabilities. If you think about it for a while, you will see that there are a lot of small developers team in the Apple ecosystem and not really any big players. We still believe that there is room for a new Microsoft dedicated to the Apple world. We dreamed about that since the beginning of our story. We still hope it will happen one day. Apple developers should join forces and work together "l'union fait la force".

If you are interested to purchase the source code and intellectual property of our solutions, email We will only consider serious offers with developers investing for the future of our solutions, for the best interest of our customers. There is also a huge opportunity to build complete new versions of our apps with SwiftUI framework for modern versions of macOS and iOS. We still believe in a bright future for Apple. We just do not have enough financial resources to continue. It's why we are also open to new investors.

Let us know your thoughts!

NOTE : We will continue selling the most successful Apps until we find the right solution for our customers. Our products are more affordable than ever.

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