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How to update a Mac App? Very simple! Just download and install the trial version from our website. Your license will be automatically detected or you can find it below.

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xPlan for Mac (PDF format)
xPlan for iOS (PDF format)
xStand for Mac (PDF format)
xLine for Mac (PDF format)

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iCloud Drive
With xPlan, you can sync projects between your devices automatically. Follow these steps:

1. On your Mac, iPad and iPhone, enable xPlan option in iCloud Drive settings (to go Apple preferences)
2. On the iPad or iPhone, select a document on xPlan documents list and touch the double arrows icon to move it to iCloud Drive. The document will automatically appears on the iCloud Drive folder of your Mac.
3. On the Mac, move a document to xPlan folder inside iCloud Drive and the document will automatically appears on xPlan documents list on your iPhone or iPad.

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