Brainstorming / Mind Mapping
Version 2.6 for Mac

xLine is the easiest mind-mapping app, the best way of brainstorming. It's perfect for idea collection and thought structuring.

xLine allows you to visually organise your thoughts or ideas.A mind map is considered a great way to brainstorm and generate more ideas. It helps you create a number of small ideas from one big idea, to see how different ideas could be connected, and to create a plan of action.

Visualize your plan of action and carry out those strategies with your team. xLine is your ideal partner for brainstorming new ideas which can be brought to life on mind maps that resemble the informational structure of your brain using text, shapes, and images

xLine is very popular since 2014!

VERSION 2.6: full support of Mojave, Catalina and dark mode!


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  • “ I have tried many apps doing similar task and they were much better and customisable in terms of linking nodes and more. Perfect for anyone just need a simple mind mapping tool. ”
  • “ It’s not bad mind mapping app ! Various shapes can be assigned to a branch, e.g. rectangle, round rect, oval, pill, etc or none - There are seven different layout options for your map. Which is great! - Individual nodes, lines can be colored - I can add multiple lines to a node - Notes, comments can be assigned to a node ”
  • “ I wrote a negative review about version 2.0.2 but they have worked to fix everything for version 2.0.3. The support team did contact me and was able to work to find the issue and fix it for this version. Well done. A great Mindmapping application ”
  • “ This program has an interesting approach to mindmapping, particularly with the side panel displaying the contents of the mindmap in outline form ”
  • “ I have tried to find a mind mapping program that syncs between the Mac & iOS versions for so long. THEN I tried xLine ... a beautiful program that syncs perfectly using iCloud, provides notes, an outline and several ways to make the map distinctive, etc. It looks & behaves like a Mac program! For now if you are working on the Mac & on the iPad, this is the only mind mapping program I can fully recommend ”
  • “ Thank you for developing this simple and efficient software ”
  • “ I’m looking for this kind of app for a long time. Easy to use, easy to change the background color or the words size! And the most amazing thing is, I can put icons (changing the icon color is available) into the column. Fantastic app! ”
  • “ Excellent design, function. We have been searching for a mind mapping app that was both Mac and iOS compatible - xLine works equally as well on iOS !! Highly recommended ”

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