Easy Scheduling and Workforce management
Version 4.3 for Mac

xTeam is an incredibly useful tool to manage the working schedule of people in your group or organization.

Our goal is always to make the user's experience as intuitive and task oriented as possible. xTeam is a really powerful schedule management tool that is visually appealing. It helps you share information, work jointly on schedules, and use all of your available human resources as efficiently as possible: you can create daily working schedules, manage days off for each person and track holidays.

xTeam is designed to automate the employee scheduling process. Manual scheduling can take hours or even days to create and maintain. xTeam can dramatically reduce this administrative expense, save time, optimize working hours, and eliminate schedule mistakes.

We designed xTeam to be very user-friendly. Instead of wasting your time figuring out how to decipher complex software, you can be more productive and efficient. Schedules are available in a printer / spreadsheet friendly format so you easily print them out to post on the wall or attach them in PDF format to any email.

xTeam is the best scheduling app for Mac since 2010!

VERSION 4.3: full support of Mojave, Catalina and dark mode!


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Compatible with macOS Mojave, Catalina
and older versions (from 10.9 to 10.15)
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  • “ This is a good app for scheduling. Would be nice to be able to add or edit tasks from an iPad. ”
  • “ xTeam is such a simple piece of software but it answered all my problems at a fraction of the cost. Level of complexity compared with other solutions i've been looking at! Perfect! ”
  • “ It works well for a standard schedule. I like it. We also do special projects outside of the regular hours and you can schedule that easier unless its a day off. Almost perfect for my needs. ”
  • “ xTeam is really great! Congratulations! it's a great app to organize my employees in my shop ”
  • “ Hi there, Love xTeam. A great work. I love the simplicity and elegance of xTeam. I spent, literally, months looking for this type of application to track my team's onsite/offsite/leave/illness and had almost given up when I came across xTeam. It's made managing my team much easier. ”
  • “ Very straightforward and intuitive. I spend 5 minutes introducing the concept to my girlfriend after spending maybe an hour myself figuring it out. Says it all. Having tried loads of shareware apps, I rarely see them this simple yet powerful. Keep up the good work! ”
  • “ Living in a skiresort in the french Alps, my girlfriend is working in a skishop and planning the staff schedules for the winter season at the moment, which is the reason why we bought a license for xTeam the other day. First of all, getting to know the app it's obvious from beginning that you've done a superb job. ”
  • “ I am a new xTeam user and I am loving xTeam. I am using it for making schedules for my students. I teach special needs students. My students are on different grade levels, have different assignments throughout the day and I also have related support staff and two paraprofessionals who work with me ”

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